HPBU Sports Calendar 2018

HPBU Sports Calendar 2018

Hellenic Pocket Billiard Union, founded in 2015 as a non profit union, functions as an official authority of the Sport in Greece by being an official member of European Pocket Billiard Federation.

Based on hard voluntary work, having by side world class athletes like Nikos Ekonomopoulos (two times Mosconi Cup winner), Alexander Kazakis (European 10ball champion) and Nick Malaj (Major international events winner), has managed to establish by now Official National Championships in all disciplines and major styles of the sport.

Μπορείτε να κατεβάσετε το πρόγραμμα εδώ / You may download the Calendar here:


Περισσότερες πληροφορίες / Additional Information: http://hpbu.gr/events/list/

Κανονισμοί / Regulations: http://hpbu.gr/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/HPBU-Όροι-διεξαγωγής-πρωταθλημάτων.pdf

22-25/2:  14.1 B Division http://hpbu.gr/event/hpbu-14-1-2018-b-division/

15-18/3:  8ball B Division http://hpbu.gr/event/hpbu-8ball-2018-b-division/

29/3-1/4: Team Championships – 1st Ranking List http://hpbu.gr/event/hpbu-team-championships-1st-ranking-list/

19-22/4:  10ball B Division http://hpbu.gr/event/hpbu-10ball-2018-b-division/

17-20/5:  9ball B Division http://hpbu.gr/event/hpbu-9ball-2018-b-division/

4-10/6:    Singles Finals Men-Women-Youth http://hpbu.gr/event/hpbu-singles-finals-2018-men-women-youth/

– Summer break –

20-23/9:    Mixed 8ball-9ball-10ball tournament http://hpbu.gr/event/hpbu-mixed-8ball-9ball-10ball-tournament/

18-21/10:  Team Championships – 2nd Ranking List http://hpbu.gr/event/hpbu-team-championships-2018-2nd-ranking-list/

8-11/11:    Scotch Doubles tournament http://hpbu.gr/event/hpbu-scotch-doubles-tournament/

22-25/11: Team Championships – 3rd Ranking List http://hpbu.gr/event/hpbu-team-championships-2018-3rd-ranking-list/

6-9/12: Team Championships Finals http://hpbu.gr/event/hpbu-team-championships-2018-finals/

Periphery Nationals: http://hpbu.gr/event/hpbu-periphery-nationals-2018/
3-4/4:      14.1
17-18/3:  8ball
14-15/4: 10ball
12-13/5:  9ball