HPBU (Hellenic Pocket Billiard Union), under the decision of the HPBU Governing Body, adopts for individual and team events the international rules, regulations and equipment specifications of the game, as they are officially formulated up to date by the WPA (World Pool Billiard Association) and the EPBF (European Pocket Billiard Federation). The text of  free translation of those to the Hellenic language, as made by Petros Andrikopoulos and adopted by HPBU, is apposed in relevance to the original texts from the official web sites of WPA ( and EPBF (

It remains with the administrative discretion of the HPBU the modification and adjustment of the above to the particular needs of the Union, within reasonable limits and without violating their spirit, in order to accommodate indigenous tournaments for promoting Pocket Billiards.

Relevant decisions of the Union, which will determine all internal regulations governing among other matters organization and recognition of events by the Union, will be announced at the official web site of the Union.

You may download in PDF format, from WPA’s web site, the Regulations, Rules of Play and the Table & Equipment Specifications.

You may download in PDF format, the Greek translation of WPA’s Rules of Play, Regulations and Equipment Specifications, here.


1. Official dress code:

Men: adding option of long sleeve shirt and button-down vest or regular collared shirt.

Women: in case of polo shirt use, sleeves must cover the shoulders.

2. Rack template:

– Marking of table with an appropriate line before use

– Removal of the template after the break, either by the referee or the opponent, if not more than 2 balls are an obstruction for its removal. Otherwise, it is left in place until removal is possible.

– After removal, placement of template outside playing area including rails. In case of further ball contact with template during play it is a foul.

3. 9ball break:

9 on the spot and typical dry break in all international ranking events.

4. 10ball:

If a player nominates and legally pockets the ten ball prior to the ten ball being the last remaining ball, the ten ball is re-spotted and the shooter continues.